Kennel Garden Flowers

For 15 years Garden Flowers Dog-House are specialized in micro poodle breeding (pocket poodle
It's just a bibelot that can be in any space, shall be take to walk in any bag or just in your hands. It's never cause troubles to other people in any circunstances or public places.
This little cute calls atention for its small size and looks like a puppy when grow old.
Mon Blon dBijou - stud
Randy Brown - breeber Temper: Calm, Sweet, Good Fellow, Obedient and Inteligent.
Colours: white, champagne, apricot, black and grey.
High: even Zoom, Adult.
Food: Food dog Balanced .
Important: The vacine control, deworming control, certificate pedigree emitted by Kennel Club, and a pomphlet "how to take care" will be send with puppy.